Pondering Fondling

by Philip J. Malebranche

This 2016 poem was an effort to compose a piece with the express influence of the values of Japanese Zen garden design. Buddhist values--among which are emptiness, intimacy with nature, and irregularity--blends with those of Christianity, herein. It was my privilege to read “Pondering Fondling” at Saint Peter’s Church, in Manhattan, in 2016. I dedicate the poem to Grammy-award winning jazz artist, Esperanza Spalding.

Zen stones make the sea

Sit quietly here with me

Let’s drink from that opposite tree

Speak but occasional words with me

Here’s respite from evil’s blight

In the ray of divine light

On this bench with you my equal

We dream and play a finer sequel

Sing for John and Yoko

Think love from the Amur to the Oronoco

Feel the light eternal

As I host your touch supernal

If you whispered in my ear I’d feel it down my spine

Like a message in two empty cans and a string

The waves of the sea will pass through my body and

Mist will splash my face

In your ear I’ll reciprocate

Bite a lobe and kiss the nape

Smell your skin and perfume

Then reach