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Your Guide to Welfare in NYC is the first guide of its kind to present all of the information public assistance applicants need together in one place. Each part of the process is visualized in easy-to-follow steps, including the kind of documents needed to apply and what to expect at benefits appointments. Download the English full poster or Spanish or check out the section that's relevant to you below!

Learn the Basics of Cash Assistance and find answers to questions, such as, who is cash assistance is for? Who applies for it? And where can you apply?

Interested in Applying for Benefits? Learn what you need to bring with you to your HRA center visit and Important Tips to Remember.

Apply for HRA Extra Grants when you have an emergency or housing crisis.

Have you already applied for HRA benefits? Click to learn What to Expect After.

HRA may require you to do a certain number of work activities every week if you are between 18 and 60 years of age. Learn about your rights and which activities meet that requirement.

If HRA thinks that you're not meeting its work requirements, they can cut back your benefits by imposing sanctions. Click to learn How to Avoid Sanctions.

Remember, you will need to attend Appointments throughout the year in order to avoid having your benefits canceled or reduced.

On top of keeping up with appointments, make sure that you look out for Notices that HRA will send you in the mail, and respond accordingly.


ACCESS NYC allow you to apply online for SNAP benefits. 

FoodHelpNYC is a city-wide map of community kitchens, food pantries, and locations where you can apply for SNAP benefits in person.

Hunger Solutions Prescreening Guide for SNAP is a comprehensive guide to SNAP / food stamps in NY. This is the best place to go for a detailed SNAP question.

The SNAP Sourcebook provides a detailed guide to all SNAP and food stamp rules and procedures for NY. It is searchable.

The NYC Health Department has a variety of programs that ease access to local produce, increase purchasing power for fruit and vegetables, and provide education and resources for preparing produce at home.

Health Bucks, worth two dollars ($2) each, are developed and distributed by the NYC Health Department and can be used to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables at all farmers' markets in NYC. For every $5 spent in EBT at farmers' markets, get an additional $2 for free. Click here for a map of farmers' markets locations.


Request a Fair Hearing when your HRA or DHS benefits or housing are in jeopardy. Click here for comprehensive information about the Fair Hearing process, including how to prepare for your hearing.

How To File A Complaint with HRA (En Español) provides information about the HRA complaint process.

Online Fair Hearing Decision Archive is a searchable database of all Fair Hearing decisions issued since Nov 2010. You can search for your decision using your Fair Hearing number.


Department of Homeless Services 90 Day Review 2016 was released in April 2016 following New York City's review of homelessness policies. The Safety Net Activists were a focus group during the review process and some of our input was integrated into the report.

Daily DHS Data Dashboard - Fiscal Year 2016 contains a daily count of the number of New Yorkers residing in DHS homeless shelters in New York City.

City of New York DHS Data Dashboard Statistics - Fiscal Year 2016 provides detailed statistics about individuals in shelters in New York City, including race/ethnicity, shelter exits, and more. 

Callahan Consent Decree established a New York man's right to shelter.

Eldredge vs. Koch established a New York woman's right to shelter.

McCain vs. Koch established a New York family's right to shelter.


Certain individuals receiving public assistance, especially those who are currently or formerly homeless, may be able to get assistance with paying higher rent amounts than those listed above if they are approved for certain programs such as the LINC, SEPS, or CITY FEPS.

Some DHS residents may be able to get Enhanced One-Shot Deals (EOSD) from HRA which provide initial assistance with funds for moving into permanent housing.


Read our Know Your Rights! PA and SNAP FAQ for Immigrants (En Españolfor answers to commonly asked questions for immigrants applying for and receiving benefits.

NYS OTDA and HRA Online Resource Center is a treasure trove of resources for public assistance and food stamp issues, including an archive of helpful fair hearing decisions, almost any document/directive issued about public benefits by OTDA or HRA, and much more! Spend some time browsing.

The Family Eviction Prevention Supplement (FEPS) provides rental assistance to some families on public assistance that are facing eviction.

Alternatives to WEP (flyer by Community Voices Heard) provides information about alternatives to the Work Experience Program (WEP).

Temporary Assistance Sourcebook (TASB) is a detailed guide to temporary assistance (this includes PA as well as several other forms of assistance) in NY, it is searchable.

WMS Worker’s Guide to Codes is a guide to the codes used in most HRA printouts. Some parts are searchable.

HRA NYCWAY Codes is a searchable guide to codes used in HRA NYCWAY printouts.

New York Codes, Rules, and Regulations are laws that govern public assistance and food stamps in New York State. Go to Title 18, Chapter II, Subchapter B for all SNAP and public assistance issues.